Randle is No. 1 in new Rivals.com player rankings

 Posted by at 11:50 AM on August 28, 2012
Aug 282012

Julius Randle is the new No. 1 player in Rivals.com’s class of 2013 rankings.
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Who’s No. 1 in 2013?

Who knows.

With Tuesday’s unveiling of the new Rivals Top 150, the answer to that question is even more clouded.

UK recruit Julius Randle leapfrogged Jabari Parker to take the No. 1 spot in the new Rivals rankings. Randle also tops the 24/7 Sports and Future 150 lists.

But Parker, who missed much of the summer basketball circuit with a nagging injury, retains top position in the Scout.com, ESPN and CBS Sports rankings.

Another UK target, Andrew Harrison, is No. 1 according to MaxPreps and NBE Basketball Report.

When you take the average position of each of those three players’ rankings, the numbers look like this:

Jabari Parker: 2.4
Julius Randle: 2.6
Andrew Harrison: 2.9

The bottom line is, it’s close. And it doesn’t appear that any of these three players will be able to achieve unanimous No. 1 recruit status, which hasn’t happened since Greg Oden in 2006.

Of course, all of this is moot if Canadian superstar Andrew Wiggins joins the class of 2013, as many expect him to do.

On Monday night, Rivals.com national analyst Eric Bossi tweeted that Wiggins would be the pick if he reclassifies.

“If/when Wiggins moves to 2013, the #1 argument becomes an easy one. Don’t see any argument against him for No. 1 overall at this point,” Bossi said.

Until that happens, the No. 1 spot is up for grabs.

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  1. I dont believe that Parker shouldnt have fallen because he was injured over the summer. Randle played really well this spring and summer but lost in a showdown with Andrew Wiggins which i was fortuate to see. Ill be interested in seeing how this will motivate Parker his senior. I would really like to see Randle and Parker go to the UK WILDCATS, but thats a little too much to expect coach Calipari to pull of. Getting Wiggins if he re-classifies to 2013 would give KY their greatest recruting class in NCAA history.

  2. There’s only One place that Julius Randle could consider to display his many talents. It’s on the Big Stage…Kentucky

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