Analyst: Dez Wells, UK couldn’t make it work

 Posted by at 11:02 AM on August 31, 2012
Aug 312012

When Dez Wells got on a plane for Memphis on Thursday night, the chances he would end up at Kentucky took a big hit.’s Evan Daniels reported Friday morning that the Wildcats were no longer involved with the former Xavier star.

“Wells did not commit while on UK’s campus. With classes already started, UK and Wells were forced to go their separate ways,” Daniels wrote.

Classes at UK started last Wednesday, and the last day for students to add and drop classes was Tuesday. Wells could have gotten around that deadline, but others loomed. Next Friday marks the 12th day of classes at UK. If Wells had not enrolled by then, the current semester would not have counted toward the two he would have to sit out as a transfer.

That would have raised the possibility of Wells missing not only all of this season, but also the entire fall semester of next season. With very little chance of being cleared to play this year, Wells and UK apparently decided not to flirt with that deadline.

Wells was in Memphis on Friday and is still expected to visit Maryland this weekend. ESPN’s Dave Telep tweeted that Wells would also visit Ohio State and Oregon before making a decision early next week.

A UK turnaround probably isn’t out of the question. (The Cats have already been discounted once). A quick decision would still give the school plenty of time to file necessary paperwork, but at this point, it looks like Dez Wells will be committing elsewhere.


  3 Responses to “Analyst: Dez Wells, UK couldn’t make it work”

  1. Wells was the major cause of the fight with U C. watch the replay KY don’t need him.

  2. With what he was charged with and expelled from school for it’s best he go somewhere else IMO.

  3. Coach doesn’t need players that need babysitting. The team and staff are way past that stuff, hopefully.

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