Keeping track of Cal: Who he has visited so far

 Posted by at 1:54 AM on September 11, 2012
Sep 112012

A running list of John Calipari’s stops since the contact period began Sunday …

Sept. 9: Aaron and Andrew Harrison (Houston, Texas)
Sept. 9: Julius Randle (Plano, Texas)
Sept. 10: Emmanuel Mudiay (Arlington, Texas)
Sept. 10: Tyus Jones (Apple Valley, Minnesota)
Sept. 10: Trey Lyles (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Sept. 10: James Young (Rochester, Mich.)
Sept. 11: Stanley Johnson (Fullerton, Calif.)
Sept. 11: Aaron Gordon (San Jose, Calif.)
Sept. 12: Kennedy Meeks (Charlotte, N.C.)
Sept. 13: Tyler Roberson (Roselle, N.J.) (UK assistant)
Sept. 13: Malachi Richardson (Roselle, N.J.) (UK assistant)
Sept. 13: Karl Towns (Metuchen, N.J.) (UK assistant)
Sept. 16: Marcus Lee (Antioch, Calif.)
Sept. 17: Andrew Wiggins (Huntington, W.Va.)
Sept. 18: Tyler Roberson (Roselle, N.J.)
Sept. 19: Cliff Alexander (Chicago, Ill.)
Sept. 19: Jahlil Okafor (Chicago, Ill.)
Sept. 20: Trey Lyles (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Sept. 21: Rashad Vaughn (Robinsville, Minn.)
Monday: Marcus Lee (Antioch, Calif.)


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  1. How come Jabari is not on this list? Is it possible Cal just doesn’t feel he has a good shot at him or maybe he just has a better shot at Randle???

  2. Calipari knows Wiggins is going to reclassify. I think we grab Wiggins in place of jabari. Probably sign him in the spring.

  3. where are jabari parker and cliff alexander on that list??

  4. Chicago teacher strike has put visits on hold for players that arent seniors in the case of cliff alexander anyway.

  5. Cal just made an offer to Marcus lee and hopefully he will offer Tyler Roberson during the in home visit on tuesday. I think Roberson would be a great addition to the 2013 class and Lee as well but it will take a couple of years to see all of Lees potential. Both players are a big thumbs up for the KY program.

  6. As far as Parker goes he really hasnt been a big fan of KY although he put them in his final 10. Someone earlier commented that Cal. just forget Parker and pick up Wiggins after he jumps to the 2013 class, it just isnt that easy and believe me Wiggins isnt a lock for KY. You have to consider Florida State as the favorite or co-favorite with KY with North Carolina coming on strong. I believe KY has an excellent chance at getting Wiggins but it isnt automatic.

    If Wiggins does reclassify it will be a business decision. It’s not because He just wants to change. So this poses the question of how many lottery picks has Florida State produced in the last 3 years and I will include this coming season(12-13). The answer to that is 0. Kentucky has produced six and are projected a couple more for the upcoming season. The numbers say UK is the best business decision. If he were to go to Florida State that would put him in a more vulnerable spot to be “the man” each and every game. And if he has an off game(which he will) he will have to take on harsh media scrutiny for not willing the team to a victory. I’m not saying that he can’t go to Florida St. and be a lottery pick because he will be one no matter which college he chooses. I’m saying that if he makes the decision to reclassify UK is the safest bet to get him where he would like to be in life and he would have a great group of players surrounding him like Cal always manages to have.

  8. Gordon may turn out to the best of the 2013 class. I hope that he comes to UK.

  9. DSA: You then UK are correct that if Wiggins does switch to 2013 and he makes a purely business decision then UK is the obvious choice. But you have to remember that Rathan-Mayes still has Fla. State on his list and you can bet if Wiggins does jump to 2013 the aforementioned Rathan-Mayes will choose Fla. State add that to the family ties and the fact that Wiggins will be a lottery pick no matter where he plays puts Fla. State in a pretty good spot, but I really hope Wiggins does choose UK, that would make the CATS almost unbeatable(if they get other top 10 players).

  10. I think UK gets the Harrisons, Wiggins, Randle, Lee, and Young. Stein will be at UK to allow Lee to come along slowly. I also believe Noel may be there also.

  11. I probably think that Cauley-Stein and Noel will both enter the draft. Draft Express already has released its preseason draft list and has Noel going 4th and Cauley-Stein going a little later in the 1st round who knows how accurate these predictions are but Idont think either one will be there for more than 1 season although I do think that it might be beneficial for one or both to stay 2 years although Im a little selfish because I would like for both of them to stay for more than 1 year.

  12. Cauley-Stein was ranked what? 39th or so in the 2012 class. And now he is like 17th as a projected draft pick for 2013…and he hasn’t played a game at UK yet. What does that say about “The Kentucky Effect.” Any one who wants to play in the NBA would be foolish not to come to UK if Cal gives them the chance.

  13. I think the fact that Cal is offering all of these scholarships to the 2013 class is a little careless. What if some of these kids who are getting offers now who never thought they had a chance to come to UK commit and take the place of a would be star at that position? AKA Tyler Roberson before Wiggins reclassifies and more than likely commits, or Marcus Lee before Julius Randle? I think Cal should back off a little with the offers not only for that reason, but what message are you sending to higher caliber recruits when you offer other recruits at that position? That you dont believe you can get them? I dont like it.

  14. Or Cal will get the commitment from a lower ranked recruit and then sign top recruits (recruiting over previous commits), thus picking up depth at the position. Cal promises nothing, but the fact that each commit has an opportunity to compete, play with other great players, and contend for a title year in and year out. One of our biggest issues this year will be a lack of substantial depth caused by the “one and done” effect of roster depletion. Offering Roberson, Lee, and others could bring depth with high caliber players. I say TRUST IN CAL for he and I know offering these second tier players will not deter the top rated recruits possessing the right mentality from buying into the Kentucky system.

    I say TRUST IN CAL; drink the blue kool-aid with me!

  15. Cal will play who is best at the position. If you come there no matter what rank you are, Coach Cal is going to put the best 5 guys on the floor. He doesn’t guarantee anything to these guys other than its hard and not for everyone. So if we had the top caliber players at each position cal is going to evaluate and determine who are his top 5 guys.

  16. I guess. But I still think we could use up scholarships that we may need come late signing period. That is all I am saying. What if all 13 scholarships are used up on existing players and early commits but Randle is still on the board? Or Wiggins is still on the board? Do we find a way to get them a la Rick Pitino style by taking away scholarships that just gave to players like Malone and Polson? Or do we just lose out on those game changers? I am not saying bringing in depth is a bad thing. I am not trying to be a pessimist here, I believe in Cal just as much as the next guy. But I have never seen him hand out this many scholarships so quickly before. I just think he should tell the kids to hold off on committing anywhere so he can evaluate them further, then if we get other commits, dont offer.

  17. Austin, many coaches give scholarships to the end of the bench players with the knowledge that it is for 1 year to begin with so yes the players like Long and Polson would go back to having their parents pay for their education, now Im not saying this out and out fair but the players know the conditions under which the scholarships are offered. I cant believe Im going to agree with TRUST-N-CAL but he is right about having high quality players on the bench and in coach CALS system the first 7 or 8 players get minutes if they can show they can help the team while on the floor. I think we will know the situation concerning the Harrisons and Wiggins before UK has a commitment from anyone else from 2013.

  18. uMMM, Austin!! Elite 8, Final 4, National Championship.. 4 straight #1 recruiting class. Are you for real questioning this guy recruiting right now lol Maybe you would like it if we go back to Tubby Smith lol

  19. Austin: How in the world can you call anything that Cal does in recruiting careless. Are you fricking kidding me? Some of you fans are really ignorant in questioning our coaching staff, which just happens to be the best in college basketball. Oh, by the way, how many coaching victories don you have? That’s right, about 500 less than Cal. Put a sock in it and support your team, not question what our coaching staff is doing. Go Cats and keep up the great job Coach Cal and the rest of our staff.

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