Harrison twins cut Baylor, Villanova from their list

 Posted by at 6:44 PM on September 13, 2012
Sep 132012

Andrew and Aaron Harrison are now down to three schools.

ESPN’s Reggie Rankin spoke with Aaron Harrison Sr. on Thursday evening and tweeted that the twins have cut Baylor and Villanova. That leaves Kentucky, Maryland and SMU, which Rankin characterized as “a distant third” in the effort to land the 2013 recruits.

The news should come as no surprise.

It’s been thought for months that the Harrisons’ recruitment would come down to UK and Maryland with a decision expected sometime in late October.

Harrison Sr. told the Herald-Leader earlier this week that the family had no more visits planned, though a trip to Maryland on Oct. 12 for that school’s midnight madness remains a “possibility.” He said the twins would not be visiting Kentucky before making a decision. They’ve already been to Lexington twice, including last year for Big Blue Madness.

John Calipari, Orlando Antigua and Kenny Payne traveled to Texas on Sunday to meet with the Harrison family. Maryland coach Mark Turgeon and two assistants had their in-home visit with the twins Monday.

Both players are ranked among the top five players in the class of 2013 by every major recruiting service.


  5 Responses to “Harrison twins cut Baylor, Villanova from their list”

  1. This news isnt a surprise except that Baylor was cut instead of SMU. I would really like to think this is great news for KY but i still think that MARYLAND IS THE favorite because of family in the area and the former team mate that will play there starting this season plus the family atmosphere that the twins have talked about. If the twins go to Marylands midnight madness on October 12th then its a done deal for Maryland and some kind of press release will come the same day or within a couple of days aftere the event. I dont believe they will wait till the 29th to let the basketball world know their decision, however, the longer it takes them to let the lucky school know the better for the Wildcats. I dont think that the Terps midnight madness will be that much of a factor in the decision. Cat fans keep your fingers crossed.

  2. Maryland has been a non factor in Collage basketball for so long and the twins going there will not put them in the top of over night. I just hope they understand that. With KY’s record over the last three yrs to me is’t Big Blue.

  3. Maryland has quietly been building a very strong recruiting class. Adding the Harrison’s could put them back into ncaa relevancy. I’m not so confident this is anywhere close to a done deal or no brainer to us.

  4. Maryland, as a city, has much to offer.Beautiful. Family can be Major.
    Fans and Experience? Kentucky!!
    They are used to Winning….hands down, Kentucky

  5. Bleeds Blue you are correct about the experience factor being in the CATS favor and if it comes down to a purely business decision then i agree its a done deal for UK. You have to remember these guys arent like a lot of other players out there they have been raised to respect family and they have stated several times that Maryland has a family atmosphere when it comes to the relationship between the players and the coaches so Im a little worried. One good thing tho is that KY made their final 3 with KY and MARYLAND being the top 2. I guess we will just have to wait and see but watch out if the twins decide to go to Marylands Midnight Madness, then their decision could come the same day or within a couple of days after. I personnaly think the decision will come much sooner than the 29th of Oct.

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