Indiana host questions Trey Lyles’ visit to Kentucky

 Posted by at 3:46 PM on September 14, 2012
Sep 142012

Indianapolis radio host Dan Dakich caused quite a stir Friday when he said on air that 2014 recruit Trey Lyles had visited Kentucky during the NCAA-mandated “dead period” in July.

Lyles, a top-10 prospect and Indianapolis native, angered Indiana fans when he decommitted from the school last month and re-opened his recruitment. Dakich is a former player, longtime assistant coach and one-time interim coach at Indiana.

Lyles’ father later told ZagsBlog that his son had not visited UK during the NCAA’s dead period. Tom Lyles told several media outlets that his son went to UK on Sept. 1, when such visits were permitted.

But even if Lyles had visited UK in July, it wouldn’t necessarily be an NCAA violation.

NCAA rules dictate that recruits are not allowed to have contact with coaches or athletics officials on or off a school’s campus during the dead period.

But, according to an NCAA expert and several university compliance officers who spoke to the Herald-Leader, recruits would be allowed to visit a school’s campus during the dead period as long as the athletics department did not organize the visit and as long as no coaches or athletics officials had contact with the recruit while he was on campus.

“Certainly he could come look around on his own. If it was his own idea to do it, then there’s zero issue at all,” said John Infante, an NCAA rules expert and proprietor of the organization’s Bylaw Blog.

Dakich told ZagsBlog that, “nobody told me anybody met with coaches. Nobody told me any of that, just said they went to Kentucky in July.”

Infante said the NCAA cannot prevent a recruit from visiting a school’s campus. But the NCAA can prevent the university from facilitating the recruit’s visit.

“The only issue I would see would be if he called up (athletics) and said, ‘I know it’s a dead period but I’m coming to campus to look around and I wanted to talk to a professor in this department. Can you set up a meeting for me?’ That’s when it gets to the point of (athletics) setting up a recruiting visit even though he wouldn’t have contact with athletics staff.

“But as long as he doesn’t have contact with the coaches, it’s fine.”


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  1. Sounds like sour grapes to me and totally uncalled for. Complete lack of class on Dakich’s part.

  2. Just because a talk radio person said it happened does not mean it happened. Consider the source.

  3. Not only sour grapes, but it sounds like child’s play. Wonderful if Mr. Kakich will go on his radio station and do the same when IU gets a visit from a player who had de-committed from another University? Oh, that may hae already happenede anyway.

  4. This goes back to the UK/IU dislike for one another or maybe the game in the tournament whatever the reason it is really dubious timing of this info. Dakich used this piece of as of yet documented news to damage UK and this kids future just because he decommited. It sounds like IU hasnt shown any interest since he decommited even though Lyles had IU still on top, not very smart.


  6. Dakich seems to be picking up the Bobby Knight mantle of half truths, empty accusations, and double talk. This speaks volumes of the once proud IU program.

  7. The IU fan perspective, courtesy of Inside the Hall: Dak is a great guy who speaks his mind, and he’s 99% percent certain that what he said is true. Although Lyles is a top 10 recruit, we don’t want anything to do with him. Never wanted him anyway. Said UNC was his dream school. The father insisted on an assistant coaching position at IU. He’s shopping his son to the highest bidder, like Anthony Davis’ father did. Lyles will end up at Kentucky, who is paying the most for his services, and be a one-and-done. UK caught lightning in a bottle last year; you can’t win national championships doing what the Squid is doing. And if the NCAA won’t hold UNC accountable for fake classes to keep their athletes eligible, it won’t investigate another flagship program for a visit during the dead period (when Lyles met WWW). Good riddance.

    That’s what 18 pages of IU fan comments boil down to. A couple wanted to cut the kid a break and chastised the others for reacting so badly to the decommitment, but they were instantly suspected of not being real IU fans and probably Kentucky fans in disguise.

  8. Wheatgerm, if Lyles was never wanted in IU country then why was he offered at such a young age and hundreds and hundreds of followups after the commitment over 2 years ago? If dakich is so certain of the UK visit why didnt he just give the NCAA a quick call? There wasnt a visit in the first place until Sept, and I wish you and all the rest of the coach CAL haters out there would just look at the facts as reported by the enforcement dept. in the NCAA,that he was never charged with or found guilty of any NCAA infractions. I guess you will just say that CAL is just smarter than the entire investigative wing at the NCAA.

  9. Boo hoo hoosier. What in the world are they going to do this year whey they don’t get to be the underdogs anymore and their December games mean something to another team?

  10. Wheatgerm….Lyles’ parents found out what type of drunken place Bloomington is and didn’t want their son going to the disgusting place. Even Bobby Knight agreed to play KY away from Bloomington. The 2012 National Champs do not need to play a team like IU who is coming of NCAA probation for CHEATING.


  11. Wheatgerm, you are comical at best. You guys cry like a spanked child when a player decommits and then claim you didn’t want him in the first place. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

    I would love for you to provide one shred of evidence that Anthony Davis’ father received anything from the University of Kentucky, other than a scholarship for his son. Bring it! Show your hand. If not, shut up!

    If Lyles met with William Wesley for any reason, what is this to UK? Again, all you got is speculation and you guys thrive on it! Come back when you can provide some proof!

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