One quibble with the latest speculation on Harrisons

 Posted by at 3:02 PM on September 22, 2012
Sep 222012

Andrew Harrison (pictured) and his brother Aaron are expected to make a college decision in late October.
Karen Warren / Houston Chronicle

ZagsBlog posted an article Saturday afternoon quoting a “Division I source close to the recruitment” of the Harrison twins and that source’s opinion of where the two recruits would end up. The gist of the story is the twins want to commit to Kentucky, while their father wants them to pick the Maryland Terrapins.

Whether true or not, that’s a narrative that’s been out there for a while, though Zags might be the first to get a direct quote to that effect. Aaron Harrison Sr. has well-known roots in Baltimore and a long-standing relationship with Maryland coach Mark Turgeon. The father has also said publicly that this decision will be up to Aaron and Andrew.

One interesting item in the ZagsBlog story is the idea that the Harrisons are trying to commit to Kentucky before other players at their position, and that any other commitments to UK could have an effect on the outcome of their recruitment.

An excerpt:

The source said the twins originally wanted to announce before October in part to pre-empt any other recruits from picking Kentucky first.

“They were trying to beat James Young,” the source said. “James is gonna pop here soon.”

When it comes to the Harrisons, when and where James Young commits is a moot point. The twins are John Calipari’s No. 1 targets at the guard position and that’s been the case for a long time now. If Young committed to UK tomorrow, it would be with the knowledge that the Harrison twins (and possibly Andrew Wiggins) could also commit to the Cats at any time, that Calipari would love to have those commitments, and that the twins would get the bulk of the playing time at the two guard spots in 2013-14.

Further contradicting the source’s point — as Zags points out later in the story — is that Young’s godfather has recently said that the Michigan native would have no problem co-existing with Wiggins and the Harrisons.

There will be a lot of speculation between now and Oct. 29, when the Harrisons are expected to announce. Unless it comes from someone in the Harrison family, it’s probably best to look at that speculation with a discerning eye.


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  1. B en I think you are correct and the twins know that CAL has put all of his eggs into their basket. He isnt in with another PG and since the twins are a 2 for 1 deal the SG position is also Aarons if he chooses UK. I have read and heard many times that the father said its the twins decision but Aaron SR. has a lot of reasons to pull for MARYLAND family in area, Under Amour sponorship of the summer team and his close ties with Mark Turgeon. I still think that the twins will commit before the 29th not because they are worried about someone else jumping into the KY fold before they do but because they have already decided and want to get it over with so they can go on with some semblance of a normal life. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that if this info is correct that the twins win out.

  2. Comparing how the top 25 high school prospects turn out each year : Since 2009 North Carolina has gotten 5 and Duke has gotten 5 or a total of 10 of the top 25 players as listed by ESPN. Since Coach Cal came to UK in 2009, UK has gotten 10 of the top 25 players as listed by ESPN. North Carolina and Duke were able to produce 2 one and done players with their talent. UK was able to produce 8 one and done players with the same number of top 25 players. Even if working with the players 2 years, North Carolina was only able to send a total of 4 of these players to the NBA, 40%. UK has sent every one of it’s top 25 players to the NBA by the second year, 100%. Coach Cal can’t be that much better than the other coaches, can he? So that means that the other coaches just aren’t trying to develope their Freshman talent. Why would anyone want to go where they just aren’t trying to develope them.

  3. Ben I appreciate your dissection of Adam Zags coverage. Been doing this since Kentucky Ink was the main source and I hope Jeff Drum cTches wind of this little post but two things I know for certain Harrison Sr has a big ego and this could either be a plant by him or this mystery source which Ben you have the credentials we have all interviewed these guys. The source could be a Zags source every body in the recruiting game knows how bad Syracuse would love James Young either way we will hear a follow up to this story from the Harrison camp. As sure as I set hear unless this was his leak or his source he will have a family rep or himself will follow up this story. In July every body thats anyone in the Game knew they were going to UK. The next day after Peach Jam Mr Telep from ESPN sent a few ole friends an email saying Maryland had closed the gap and it was 50/50. Now I could tell stories of players that have told us it was a done deal and end up in the most obscure places ala LeBryne Nash told me to my face he was gonna be in Lex the only and I mean only time that the shoe company looses out is when they give up and what I mean is somebody signs late and goes out and has a monster Senior year and jumps 20 places and becomes a sure fire pro prospect. That will not be the case hear. I have seen it all and If UA wants em they will. Cal is the best though and what he is and has done is uncharted territory so anything could happen hear. Somebody jump on this story with me. No opinions Im looking for some knowledge.

  4. TOLD YOU !!!!!!!!

  5. Unless you are in the Harrison family there arent any facts just opinion.

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