Calipari is recruiting … even when he’s not recruiting

 Posted by at 12:43 AM on September 29, 2012
Sep 292012

John Calipari poses in front of Jay-Z at Friday night’s concert to open the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. (From @UKCoachCalipari)

John Calipari isn’t one to waste an opportunity.

The UK coach, who’s been flying all over the country since the contact period began earlier this month, took a little time to relax in Brooklyn on Friday night.

But the side trip surely won’t do anything to hurt his recruiting efforts.

Calipari was in town to see Jay-Z perform the first of eight concerts to open the Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets and the venue for UK’s season-opener against Maryland.

Not only was Calipari there, but he was tweeting about it (of course). He tweeted a picture of himself with Jay-Z in the background. He tweeted a picture of himself with Nets coach Avery Johnson. He tweeted a picture of himself with Magic Johnson.

And, oh yeah, he tweeted this …

“I told Jay-Z that I might get fined $50k for being in HIS locker room tonight. He said “I got you”. #Lafamilia”

With that tweet, Calipari is referencing the $50,000 that the NBA fined Jay-Z for meeting with UK’s players in the Nets locker room in Newark after the Cats clinched a berth to the Final Four two years ago.

That meeting and subsequent fine spawned the opening lyric to one of the most popular songs on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album a year later.

So Cal is basically saying: “Not only am I cool enough to spend my Friday night in Brooklyn with Jay-Z. In case you forgot, he wrote a song about Kentucky basketball.”

There’s at least one recruit out there who’s worth reminding of this.

After visiting UK two weeks ago, Julius Randle wrote in his USA Today blog that he was excited he got to meet Drake, one of his “top three” rappers, while in Lexington.

Randle’s favorite hip-hop artist?

“Jay Z is on top for me,” he wrote.


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  1. Cal has swag. This night is classic Calipari, complete with tweets of NBA gods and Rap gods alike! Looking forward to hanging banner number nine.

  2. Calipari is simply the most positive motivated coach in the business. He loves what he is doing, not only in basketball but his charity efforts and life in general. He is a good example that the greatest secret to success in anything is enthusiasm.

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