Harrisons to announce decision Thursday on ESPNU

 Posted by at 8:08 PM on October 1, 2012
Oct 012012

One of the most anticipated announcements of the 2013 recruiting cycle will happen this week.

Andrew and Aaron Harrison, the top two guards in the country, will announce their college decision Thursday at 5 p.m. on ESPNU’s Recruiting Nation program. The players will choose between Kentucky and Maryland. SMU is still on their list, but the Mustangs are seen as an extreme long shot.

ESPNU began televising a commercial Monday afternoon promoting the show. Later Monday, Andrew Harrison tweeted, “Thursday will be the toughest decision I ever had to make but I’m looking forward to it.”

An ESPN spokeswoman confirmed to the Herald-Leader that the Harrisons will announce their decision via a live video feed sometime during Thursday’s show. The plan is to have them announce from their high school in Houston.

The Harrison twins have visited Kentucky twice, including a trip to see last year’s Big Blue Madness. The twins also have strong family ties to Maryland and a longtime relationship with Terrapins coach Mark Turgeon. Scout.com’s Evan Daniels reported Tuesday that Turgeon will make one last visit to see the Harrisons on Wednesday, the day before their decision.

It’s long been speculated that UK is the leader for the Harrisons, who will likely start as freshmen for whichever school they choose. Further stoking that speculation is the fact that John Calipari is not actively pursuing any other point guards from the class of 2013.

But Aaron Harrison Sr., the players’ father, told the Herald-Leader last month that the speculation was overblown.

“There’s no conversation from anybody named Harrison that says, ‘this school is the leader,'” he said. “Until then, you’re wasting your time.”

We’ll all find out for sure on Thursday.


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  1. They might be following Young’s recruitment. Hopefully it’s cause they want to pull the trigger first.

  2. Im wondering if the trip Turgeon made a few days ago to Texas at the behest of the Harrisons had everything to do with the decision the harrisons have made. I just cant convince myself either way 1. They called Turgeon down there to say he was the winner or 2.That they called him down there out of the respect they have for him that they had chosen KY. I guess we will all know on thurs.

  3. Oliver, my thoughts exactly.

  4. or, they just want to get their decision out of the way….. so they can relax… Rivals is saying James Young might wait till Spring now…

  5. I would think that Turgeon was sent for to tell him face to face that they have selected UK…if they have chosen Maryland, it makes no sense for him to fly out…they could have called him and said see you next year coach…I think it’s UK on Thursday…I still think Young will announce shortly thereafter…and from there, I think Randle goes ahead and decides now instead of waiting till the spring…let the dominoes begin to fall….

  6. Im not throwing away the fact that Marylands not their choice because of all the ties they have to them but if they truly want to win a NCAA championship they need to choose KY. Combine the twins with the other possible recruits then they would be the odds on favorite to do so. About Young coming to Uk if the Harrisons choose KY it may just have an effect on his decision to commit. If he truly doesnt mind playing with other great players he will go to KY but if he wants a good amount of playing time he may just not choose KY or he may just wait till Wiggins decides what he wants to do about reclassifying although theres always Roberson who obviously likes the program at UK.

  7. SMU will strike when we least expect it.

  8. Is that 5 o’clock Kentucky time?

  9. If the twins choose SMU it would be one of the biggest recruiting upsets of alltime especially since they havent seen the campus or have they. Anyway I think Larry Brown is a very good coach and has NBA ties and could coach players to get them ready for the next level but theres little exposure at SMU and they have no chance in the NCAA tourney.

  10. From what I’ve seen of this family they would take the time to explain to Maryland, it also makes since that the Maryland coach would want to meet them face to face one last time and try to change their minds. I believe they are going to play for the BBN. GO CATS!!!

  11. I think the harrison’s will end up at Maryland because they of all the ties they have with them buti think that James Young it’s just waiting to see what the twins will pick and then he’s gonna commit to Kentucky

  12. The more and more I read and hear. It looks like the Harrison’s are going to Maryland. Aaron Sr., must have a deal with under armour. Just a thought?

  13. Well for one, they r attending BBM on October the 12th. do you really think they are going to choose Maryland and then try to attend Ky BBM. I dont think they would get a very warm reception from the BBN

  14. I thought they were going to Maryland’s Midnight Madness since they went to ours last year??

  15. From what I’ve read they haven’t committed to go to anybodys Madness. I think Dad wants them to go to Under Armour, I mean Maryland, but the kids want to come to UK. I hope the kids win that battle.

  16. The only coaches and others who have the twins phone# are cal,turgeon,brown and an under armour representative. Hmmmm. Smells like shabazz Muhammad all over again.

  17. Do you think they will really commit to Maryland,When they’re coming to the highschool tournament at Marshall Co. this year as a preview.I think BBN will be smiling come Thursday!!!GO CATS!!!!

  18. Sounds like everyone posting on here has no idea of what the future holds, and with that being said I assure you everything is going to be fine no matter what they decide. I assure you the sun will rise they day after, that’s for sure. James Young has said he would love to play with an all star cast. I feel James Young is a lock and so will be Wiggins as soon as he see’s the facilities and how crazy the fans are
    Randle will be the final piece to the best recruiting class ever. Go Cats!

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