James Young might have Madness visit in his future

 Posted by at 9:44 PM on October 4, 2012
Oct 042012

Michigan native James Young is one of the top players in the class of 2013
Photo: The Oakland Press

With the Harrison twins now in the fold, it looks as if 6-foot-6 wing James Young could be the next UK recruit to make a decision.

Young, the No. 5 player for 2013 according to ESPN, visited Lexington for the first time just last week. His godfather, Sean Mahone, told the Herald-Leader on Thursday night that the family could return for Big Blue Madness on Oct. 12.

Although nothing’s official, Mahone said a return trip for UK’s signature pre-season event is “a very good possibility.” (And he put some emphasis on the “very good” part.) The Michigan native also is considering Michigan State, Syracuse and Kansas, and he has been invited to the madness events for those schools.

Mahone said Young would like to take an unofficial visit to Michigan State, although those plans have not been finalized. Either way, Young and his inner circle will sit down sometime before Oct. 12 and figure out the future of his recruitment.

Scout.com analyst Evan Daniels says it might not last much longer.

“There’s a chance James Young could make a decision here in the next couple of weeks,” Daniels said. “… And I would say Kentucky’s probably the leader.”

There’s been past speculation that Young, one of the top scorers during the Nike EYBL league over the summer, wouldn’t want to share the ball — and possibly the shooting guard position — with the Harrisons.

But Mahone said the twins’ commitment will have no bearing on Young’s decision. If anything, it could help UK.

“I’ll tell you one thing: He’s always had exciting things to say about the twins’ games,” Mahone said. “He’s always been very complimentary of what they can do on the court. They have that team perspective. They’re winners.”

As far as sharing playing time, Mahone said Young would have no problem teaming up with several other star players if it meant a shot at a national title.

“James’ game — he’s so unselfish that I think he could play with just about anybody,” he said. “Most of the people say, ‘Oh, he’s a scorer.’ But he’s the consummate team player and he’s so unfelfish.

“James has a lot of respect for (the Harrisons) and has always said it would be exciting to play with other talented players. So it’s one of those scenarios where, if you want to win a championship, you certainly want to be part of a team that has a lot of talent on it.”


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  1. This sounds awefully good, first the twins commit and will attend BBM. Add Lee,Wiggins,Willis,Alexander and probably Young, what can I say. WOW. The Harrisons will work on the as of yet uncommited players while at BBM, the possibilities are mind boggling. Lee and Young could commit within a very short period of time and Wiggins just might decide to re-classify after experiencing BBM and speaking with the twins and the other players there, all this and some top talent making their decisions in the spring. I think that UK and FLA. are going to be loaded in 2013 and the games between the 2 will be awesome although KY will have the better team.

  2. Now if we get Randle, Lee, Young, and Gordon, and Florida gets Parker, that’d be 11 of the top 15 coming into the SEC.

  3. It will be a great class!Alexander is only a junior though so if he commits he won’t be there till 2014.

  4. Wiggins & Lee, i think will be cats, excellent chance for Randle & Young–Gordon stays on West Coast–gonna be a BIGBLUE class anyway it goes-GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think it works out to UK getting the twins first, Young shortly sfater Big Blue Madness, Lee in about a month after he attends BBM and then Cal and sees there is no comparison, Wiggins sometime early next year after his reclassification, and Randle will be last. Sometime in April. However, thats 6 of the top-15 recruits at one school… that class would be forever unbeatable and as of right now, I think it to be highly fathomable. Harrisons, Young, Lee, Wiggins, Randle, Willis. Best Class Ever. Period.

  6. The only thing that would keep Lee form commiting to UK is if he doesnt think he fits into the Lexington community, in other words an in advance home sickness feeling. If he likes the guys at UK and feels at home here then its a done deal. I think thats the only reason he hasnt commited to the CATS yet. There are reports out that Wiggins isnt coming to BBM because he is going home to speak to his parents, probably about the re-classifying thing.

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