Latest developments with Wiggins and Randle

 Posted by at 3:48 PM on October 31, 2012
Oct 312012

Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle are the top two targets left for Kentucky in the class of 2013, and neither player is expected to make a college decision until the spring.

That leaves a lot of time for speculation. And a lot of room for “sources.”

A little new info on both prospects came out Wednesday.

Wiggins, who for a long time seemed to be considering only Kentucky and Florida State, hosted three high-profile visitors at Huntington Prep — Kansas Coach Bill Self, Ohio State Coach Thad Matta and FSU Coach Leonard Hamilton. Wiggins has said recently that he wants more schools to recruit him, and North Carolina and Syracuse are among others who have made visits this month.

As analyst Evan Daniels told the Herald-Leader last week, the true signal that Wiggins sincerely wants to open his recruitment will be when he actually makes visits to schools other than UK and FSU.

“He says he wants other schools to recruit him. How we’re going to tell if he’s serious about it is if he reciprocates with visits to those campuses,” Daniels said.

“It’s fair to say that Kentucky and Florida State are leaders because they’ve been there for so long. They’ve been recruiting him for years.”

The new Randle update came from The Pack Insider, a blog dedicated to N.C. State athletics. The post, which you can read here, references a source who led the blog to the following conclusion …

“In fact, we’re hearing that the two strongest schools in this recruitment are NC State and Texas, and while Randle likely won’t show his hand, we feel as if these are the two schools who have a real shot right now.”

For so long, followers of Randle’s recruitment were nearly unanimous in thinking that Kentucky was the leader. After the Harrison twins picked the Cats, some shifted to the theory that Florida and Texas would be more likely landing spots. Now, this report says it’s Texas and N.C. State.

Randle obviously hasn’t made up his mind, but expect similar speculation up until the moment he announces his decision.

And that decision is still a few months away.


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  1. That is a familiar theme 1st KY leads then other schools are coming on strong and then they are the leaders then Randle commits to UK., case over.

  2. Some fans do not understand the mind and logic of the road to the NBA, name the last 10 or so players these or any other college programs have placed players in the money of the NBA?

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