NCAA statement on eligibility of Shabazz Muhammad

 Posted by at 11:12 PM on November 9, 2012
Nov 092012

Former Kentucky basketball recruit Shabazz Muhammad was ruled ineligible to play in UCLA’s season opener against Indiana State on Friday night. Here’s the NCAA’s statement on Muhammad’s eligibility:

UCLA student-athlete Shabazz Muhammad is not eligible to compete in tonight’s game due to violations of NCAA amateurism rules. In addition to other pending issues, Muhammad accepted travel and lodging during three unofficial visits to two NCAA member schools.

The university and the NCAA enforcement staff agreed on the set of facts in the case, which led to the determination that a violation occurred. NCAA member schools have established standards to determine when an individual may provide financial assistance to student-athletes. These criteria, which were not met in this case, are in place to identify when benefits are provided based on a student-athlete’s athletic ability.

The NCAA is committed to providing thorough, yet timely decisions regarding student-athlete eligibility. The expediency of these decisions can hinge on the level of timely cooperation of all involved parties.

In the case of Muhammad, the NCAA staff requested specific documents on July 31 to assist in the evaluation of Muhammad’s eligibility. However, the NCAA enforcement staff did not receive the majority of the requested documents for review until September 25, followed by more information on October 10, and additional critical information on November 1.

After reviewing thousands of pages of information, the NCAA interviewed Muhammad’s parents last week. The staff and the university then submitted the agreed-upon facts the afternoon of November 9. The NCAA then rendered a decision within a matter of hours. As demonstrated by the facts, we are committed to resolving the remaining matters as quickly as possible.

And here’s a short statement from UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero:

The NCAA has finally determined that a violation of the NCAA amateurism rules has occurred involving UCLA freshman guard Shabazz Muhammad and his family. As a result, he is ineligible for competition at this time. We are extremely disappointed that the NCAA has made this determination.

The University and our compliance staff have fully cooperated with the NCAA throughout this entire period, and we believe the decision is incorrect and unjust to Shabazz. UCLA will expeditiously pursue its options to challenge this determination. When a final resolution has been reached by the NCAA, we will swiftly communicate the news to the entire Bruin family.


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  1. Well I do think the NCAA sucks, but I do not understand how Shabazz can have visited schools that were not official visits and have them paid for by shady characters that are not family. Oh but the trips were to Duke and North Carolina so the NCAA will ignore it probably. I am surprised he did not get 30k from Duke to buy some jewelry while he was there

  2. I think he kinda wish he would have committed to kentucky now. His recruiting with them would have probably turned out different since they really try their best not to have any violation to get a player, unless the player commits their own violation but seems like what he was expecting their not happening

  3. Bazz is not stupid, however, He did, He knew, and He will sit out due to his ignorance and the NCAA telling up front of his situation!

  4. I believe this is why Cal backed away from this kid…. he suspected somethiing wasn’t right…. look out for Parker as well since Cal has basically passed on him too.

  5. Why do you call him, “former Kentucky basketball recruit?” He is now, an ACTIVE UCLA basketball player!

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