The Harrison twins talk a mean game of basketball

 Posted by at 10:51 PM on December 1, 2012
Dec 012012

The Harrison twins like to talk.

Part of Travis High Coach Craig Brownson’s job is to make sure they don’t talk too much.

“I think they understand where the line is,” Brownson said. “They’re not going to do anything to hurt their team. But they’re such competitors. It’s one of those things that I usually don’t hear — especially if they’re talking to the other team — until they’re standing right there by the bench and jawing.”

The UK signees talk trash to their opponents and give instruction to their teammates. On Friday night, they even had a few words with some boisterous Ballard fans.

And then there are the times when they turn their words on each other.

“It’s just their mentality. They’re such competitors. They have such toughness,” Brownson said. “They’re each other’s worst critic. If one of them makes a mistake, the other one’s on him about it. But that’s what drives them and makes them so good. They’re not going to ever be satisfied with anything. Aaron expects to make every shot, and Andrew expects to make every play.”

And when that doesn’t happen, they talk from the sidelines.

Aaron got into some early foul trouble Saturday against Madison Central. Three fouls in the first quarter earned him a spot at the end of the Travis bench.

Didn’t shut him up though.

Aaron turned into Travis’ No. 1 cheerleader, and that’s Brownson’s favorite kind of talking.

“Those guys love their teammates,” he said. “He was in to the game mentally, and that’s what you need. Because that sets the example for every one else that spends a lot more time over there with us. If he’s cheering, then why are you not willing to cheer for your teammates?”


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