Ryan Timmons’ coach talks Neal Brown’s offense

 Posted by at 9:31 PM on December 9, 2012
Dec 092012

Last week, Franklin County football coach Chris Tracy talked to the Herald-Leader about star receiver/running back Ryan Timmons, one of the best prospects in the state and a top UK recruiting target.

You can read that story here.

Tracy didn’t know at the time who UK’s new offensive coordinator would be, but he wasn’t shy about who he thought would be the best choice. It was Neal Brown, who reportedly will indeed get the job.

Here’s what Tracy had to say about Brown:

What did Ryan think of (Mark Stoops being hired as head coach)?

“I think he’s more interested to see who he hires as offensive coordinator, to be honest.”

Have you heard any names for that position?

“The same ones everyone else has thrown around. I think it would be an outstanding choice to get a Kentucky guy to come and do it.”

Maybe (Neal Brown)?

“I think that would be a very smart move, but I also know (Brown) is up for some head coaching jobs. So that would be a very tough decision on his part.”

Is Ryan familiar with Brown?

“It’s our offense. It’s identical. I remember watching Neal at clinics. I’ve got one of their DVDs.”

So Ryan would be comfortable playing for him?

“Neal will have his own tweaks and things that he’s done over the years. But (Ryan) should be able to fit right in right away. And, to be honest with you, it’s not that hard. That’s the great thing about that offense. It’s very simple.”


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