Note to readers: There will be no updates this week

 Posted by at 5:03 PM on December 16, 2012
Dec 162012

I will be on a company mandated furlough from Monday, Dec. 17 through Sunday, Dec. 23. That means I will be unable to blog, tweet or link to stories. Basically, there will be no Next Cats for the next week.

For any big recruiting news, make sure you’re following Herald-Leader columnist John Clay on Twitter and checking out his blog, Sidelines.

John Calipari tweeted Sunday that today’s trip to New Jersey would be his last for a while, so maybe it’ll be a slow week on the recruiting front.

I appreciate all of you that frequent this blog, follow on Twitter and make this such a fun job. I’m sure I’ll be back to tweeting and blogging as soon as I can, which is 12:01 a.m. Christmas Eve.

See you then,


  7 Responses to “Note to readers: There will be no updates this week”

  1. That is not acceptable. Why is there not a back up person? this is in season basketball time. Even in the off season I expect a daily story about Kentucky basketball. Do better.

  2. Will — There will still be plenty of UK basketball coverage every day this week. John, Jerry and Mark will be all over it, and you can find their newest stories here …


  3. Hey, first off thanks for running an awesome site. Its perfect for us die hard UK fans who constantly wanna check up latest recruiting news. I have it pinned to my start screen on my windows phone and check it more often than I’d like to admit. One question: with coach cal deciding not to see Wiggins these past couple days and instead choosing to go to Indy, is this a sign perhaps fsu has taken a strong lead. I know he had a fantastic visit to fsu and he has said that he wants to commit to a coach that wants him in the worst way by coming to all of his games. I know the assistant coaches were there but don’t u think Wiggins would want cal there seeing as he was playing in the state. Just like to hear ur thoughts. Thanks!

  4. Will:

    I agree it’s not acceptable but with the Harald-Leader losing so much money they have to find some way to recoup some of those losses. That means everyone who works there is forced to take a week off without pay.

    It’s not just the LHL, a number of newspapers around the country are doing this.

    There used to be a time when the media served the public and cared about the service they provided, now they answer to company accountants and corporations first.

    Just another sign of how things are going downhill around this country.

    Mark Liptak

  5. Why would next cats guy take a vacation during basketball season? He said he waited until now to take it. Why wait till now when your job is basketball recruiting? Why not take it while baseball is in season? After the spring signing period. the Louisville game is coming up. if you guys are concerned about your jobs and how things are going with the newspapers. I would think you wouldn’t take time off during this time. Just a thought. btw I enjoy all the next cats. you do a very good job with it.

  6. First of all thanks Ben for the “Next Cats” site I love going to it everyday to see the latest info on UK recruiting. Iknow if you had a choice you wouldnt have shut the site down for a week. You cant please everyone but I for 1 am very pleased with this site and in fact its my favorite one to go to learn about KY recruiting. Thanks again Ben and Merry Christmas and keep up the good work.

  7. Hi Will — I had to take the furlough before the end of the calendar year, so I wouldn’t have been able to wait until after the basketball season. Last week — when there was just one game — seemed like the best time to do it. I’m back now, and we have some cool things planned for the first few weeks of the year.

    Thanks for visiting,

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