Good news for UK?: Gordon wants to talk Cats first

 Posted by at 4:10 PM on January 11, 2013
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Rush The Court caught up with Aaron Gordon on Thursday night and asked the top-10 prospect about the state of his recruitment.

If you want to read anything into the flow of the interview — and those who follow recruiting read something into everything — things could be looking OK for Kentucky.

Gordon was asked what he liked about his three finalists: Arizona, UK and Washington.

“Let’s start with Kentucky,” Gordon said. “Kentucky is a winning organization. (John) Calipari’s a very winning coach. It’s just a basketball program. The Wildcat Lodge is right across the street from the gym. You can get in 24 hours a day. … It’s almost like business. If you really want to play basketball, that’s the place to go.

“The only con is it’s pretty far out there just to play basketball.”

Most analysts have been consistent in predicting that the San Jose native will stay on the West Coast and attend one of the two Pac-12 schools on his list.

ESPN’s Dave Telep told the Herald-Leader last week that he considered UK “a long shot with Aaron Gordon at this point.”

But Gordon spent most of the Rush the Court interview talking about Kentucky.

After saying a few nice things about Arizona and Washington, Gordon returned to the Cats.

“One other positive about Kentucky is there’s so many good players going there,” he said, adding that he has talked to UK signee Marcus Lee and a few others about possibly playing in Lexington.

Is Gordon more serious about UK than the experts think? Or is he trying to let the Cats down easy?

Fans of his three finalists will have to wait to find out. Gordon said there’s no timetable for his decision and he doesn’t expect to pick a college until after the high school season.


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  1. Although the interview with Gordon is encouraging I still believe that he likes UK it is a long way from home and that is something that cant be discounted. Gordon has lived out west for a long time and then suddently move to KY could be a culture shock. Thats not an insult to KY but California is vastly different than KY in almost every way. But if Aaron is serious about winning a national championship then UK is the place for him. My main concrn is that the cupboard is pretty full at KY now and he may wish to go somewhere thats not as crowded.

  2. Everyone keeps mentioning the lexington is a long way from home. This young man will be in the NBA in two years. What is he going to do then? He will almost certainly be a long way from home with no college to help him adjust to that life. Eventually Aaron has to make the leap to a distance residence.

  3. While he may like California more than the state of Kentucky (where he may never have visited), you should have noticed that the other two schools are not located in the state of California and actually not within walking distance either. If you go to school where you cannot drive home and back in a day’s time, does the distance really matter?

  4. This guy really turned me off by his exit from the gym after losing to the Twins in Texas.

  5. After the reffs let the Texas team beat him to death with no calls.I don’t blame him.

  6. I have to agree with jimBob. Gordon is likely one and done and at that point, he doesn’t really have a choice who drafts him and where he goes. I’ve seen him play but this is the first interview I’ve seen with him and I was left impressed not because he said good things about UK but just by the way he spoke in general. He seems like a good kid with his head screwed on straight. Unlike some less fortunate kids, it also sounds like he has a pretty strong family environment which I’m sure was a positive influence in his upbringing (not unlike the Anthony Davis and the Harrison twins). So while I’m sure he’d miss his family by being further away at Kentucky, I get the feeling that they’d support him in whatever he felt was the best decision for him. And for kids this talented, it really is a “business decision” whether they realize it or not. He’ll be successful no matter where he goes to college (for a year) and any of the three schools will be lucky to have him. But as he pointed out, there are a LOT of positives in favor of Kentucky right now when your goal is to improve as a player by practicing against players like yourself, maximize your exposure and then get to the NBA as soon as possible…which, in truth, is what most if not all of these kids want.

  7. I am a Kentucky fan of over 40 years, who has rarely missed a game on the radio or tv, and I am looking forward to the day where UK basketball players again play for the front of the jersey and not the back of the jersey. I for one and sick and tired of the one and done players.
    I want a kid like Chuck Hayes recruited again. A kid with the heart as big as Georgia who played hard as any kid ever. Sadly a Chuck Hayes is passed over these days as UK as become a NBA development league. Now Cal is seeing his experiment in full bloom with no experienced players. The first 3 years, he had some experience.
    As a fan, I still watch or listen to every game, always will, but do not have the same attachment to the players, because they do not have the same attachment to Kentucky. Most never see Kentucky, past Lexington, and know what it is like to really represent our Commonwealth and why what they do matters so much to so many. I miss that with todays players. I look forward to the day that it changes.
    Go Blue!

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