Calipari, others stop by to visit Andrew Wiggins

 Posted by at 3:36 PM on March 28, 2013
Mar 282013
From left: Grimace, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, Huntington Prep senior forward Andrew Wiggins and The Hamburglar.

From left: Grimace, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, Huntington Prep senior forward Andrew Wiggins and The Hamburglar.
Photo from Rob Fulford

Andrew Wiggins had several important visitors at his Huntington, W.Va., high school Thursday afternoon. Kentucky Coach John Calipari, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams and famed fast-food felon The Hamburglar were among those who dropped in to see the top-rated high school basketball player in the country.

Williams presented Wiggins with a proclamation for March 28 to become Andrew Wiggins Day in Huntington, according to Huntington Prep Coach Rob Fulford. The Toronto native has played the past two seasons for Huntington Prep. His school had a ceremony Thursday to acknowledge Wiggins’ selection to the McDonald’s All-American Game, which will be played Wednesday in Chicago.

Following the ceremony, Calipari and Wiggins met for what Fulford described as a “pretty informal, laid-back talk.” Calipari wanted to know if Wiggins had any questions or concerns about Kentucky or the recruitment. He didn’t.

Calipari and Wiggins are already plenty familiar with one another. Kentucky was one of the first schools to enter his recruitment and remains in the mix to land his commitment. He has visited Lexington three times in the past 18 months, including his official visit for the UK-Mississippi State game in February.

Wiggins is ranked as the No. 1 overall prospect in the class of 2013 by every major recruiting service. The 6-foot-8 small forward has narrowed his list to Kentucky, Florida State, North Carolina and Kansas.

There is no timetable for his college decision. The regular signing period begins April 17.


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  1. cant wait until andrew wiggins is wearing kentucky blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He never narrowed his list. He increased it to include North Carolina and Kansas.

  3. I dont know what Wiggins will decide and neither does anyone but his inner circle but I do hope he chooses UK. I think he will make his decision right after the Jordan Brand Classic game that way he can see how it might be like to play with other UK recruits since there are 6 on the McDonalds AA team as well as the Jordan Brand Classic game.

  4. Andrew sure will look good in Kentucky blue.

  5. The practices will probably be as exciting as the games. Can you imagine the head-butting going on in the practice facility !

  6. @Robert, actually Wiggins asked for UNC to recruit him, Kansas is basically done at this point. Nike is going to play a big part in Wiggins decision. FSU, UK, and UNC are choices as of now. Wants to wait to see who all leaves on UK’s team. 7 scholarships on the team as of now, minues Noel, with 7 more coming in……8 if you include hawkins who has said to have committed. That makes 15, at least 4 more have to leave or transfer to open up space for Wiggins

  7. 15-4=11. Last i checked you was allowed 13 schlorships. Never been a problem and still is not a problem. Dont need any to open up because at least 2 are freed up for sure.

  8. We have 1 scholarship if everyone but noel come back plenty of room 🙂

  9. Hawkins was not offered a scholarship yet. And we have enough scholarships for mr wiggins to sign with us and thats including goodwin poy and Stein come back. We will be deepest team next year hahahaha I love your gonna look good in uk blue Andrew.

  10. He will commit to UK. Its all about recognition and championships, with randle committed and the twins the pundits are already saying national title and this would be the best recruiting class in the history of college sports if he commits. What better recognition than to make history and get a ring before going to the NBA. All the NBA scouts are going to be following KY everywhere next year.

  11. It has always only been FSU ( Because of Parents) and former Kentucky Coach, Leonard Hamilton. And University Of Kentucky, because of Coach John Calipari, Kentucky’s Tradition/Program and the opportunity to Win A Championship ! So as Robert said, ” He will commit to UK “….

  12. I promise you if or when wigins decides to come to ky there will be a scholly available no doubt about it.

  13. As an old UK graduate, I’ve loved our Cats for decades. I was a student there when your
    ID card was your ticket in to the games. I rarely missed one. Whether young Mr. Wiggins opts for UK Blue, I don’t know. I do know we would love to watch him play for my old alma mater, if only for one year. The thing that has impressed me most about the entire program over the years is simply this-no matter if you only rode the bench for four years, you will never want for a job. Old UK Alumni take care of their own. So if a career illness or injury happened to one of our players, he can rest assured that he will not be forgotten by the UK faithful. Go Cats!!!

  14. Actually Kentucky has two more scholarships they can issue for next year’s men’s basketball team. One is being held for Wiggins, and the other for Aaron Gordon. Hawkins does not have a scholorship offer yet. But will get one if either Wiggins or Gordon sign with someone else. The most reasonable path is that Wiggins will sign with UK, but Gordon will not. UK already has two excellent power forwards that might get more playing time than he would. That would then likely result in Hawkins getting that final scholarship.

  15. I would hate for Wiggins to go to UK and end up in the NIT like this year.

  16. If Wiggins decides to wear UK Blue…it will be a team for the history books. Isn’t it amazing how UK is already dominating 2013-2014 basketball talk and 2013 March Madness isn’t even over. Speaks for the dominance of the UK program. Why would any 5 star player even consider anywhere else?

  17. The Cats will not be in the NIT next year whether Wiggins commits to UK or not. The BBN would welcome Andrew with open arms and he will make the team better, but it is going to be an outstanding team as is. If Wiggins want to compete for a National Title, UK is the place to go. If he just wants to be the best player on his team, he should go to FSU.

  18. Alan,UK will not be in the NIT next year!!!!!!!! That’s stupid for you of saying that.

  19. With or without Wiggins we are going all the way next year. So he might as well take advantage of going with the team who is going to win the national championship. Because even we the recruits we have now and the experience of the returning players we can still get another national title. One player at this point isn’t going to stop us.

  20. I am a West Virginian that went to Kentucky, and would love to see Wiggins follow Patterson from Huntington to Lexington.

  21. Is Alan not a UK fan?He will be after next year!

  22. andrew wiggins needs to roll with the big dogs

  23. Wiggins is a Star , he will not go to UK cause he is a Star. Randle, Harrison Twins, Wlitger,Goodwin etc…are not going to give up shots for one man and he knows it’s not enough shots to go around and satisfy everybody. If he gets bored now why would he be excited about playing with the competition. He will either pick between FSU or UNC to play against the competition.
    Wiggins stated he gets bored playing against guys his age so why would he play with a so called all star team if he is already bored as it is ..

    Wiggins wants to face the competition not play with it.

    UNC or FSU regardless it’s going to be the best conference in the world ACC…

    Wake Forest
    The ACC

    Who’s better.

  24. Oh, Eugene…you can try to rationalize by working the conference competition angle, but let’s face it…Wiggins wants to be a part of a championship team and play for a coach with the best record at getting players to the next level. There will be more media attention around the UK program – as usual – and this will serve his interests – as he wants that attention…on the biggest stage, with the best talent around him.

    I completely understand why the rest of the bball world is so jealous. We are going to be stacked next year – with or without Wiggins. But I’m confident that he will choose UK.

  25. I hope and pray that Wiggins comes to UK. And any stupid ignoramus who thinks that UK will go to the NIT next year is just, well, dreamin’. We will be awesome without him, but with him, unbeatable. I can just see the headlines now – 2014 NCAA 9-time champions, the University of Kentucky Wildcats – UNDEFEATED. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, can’t wait. Come on, Andrew, join us and become one of the beloved players and who will be loved forever and you will be part of a family. You will look great in UK blue. GO CATS!

  26. Well Goodwin is gone! As of now stein & wiltjer are stayin. Harrow is transferring to Georgia St. U know Noel is gonna go top 5 n the draft, so count him out as well. That’s 3 gone for sure. Plenty of room for Wiggins. With or without him were goin to be the best team n college basketball!!!

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