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Andrew Wiggins competed in the dunk contest Monday night in Chicago. Photo courtesy of McDonald

Andrew Wiggins competed in the dunk contest Monday night in Chicago.
Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

CHICAGO — Andrew Wiggins might not be the most forthcoming McDonald’s All-American in town this week, but he says he’s not averse to the attention.

The No. 1 overall prospect in high school basketball was once again the center of the scrum at McDonald’s media day in the United Center on Tuesday.

He still doesn’t have a timetable for his college decision — no surprise there — but he does understand all of the interest.

“I don’t mind it. It’s something that I’ve gotten used to over the course of the years,” Wiggins told the latest gaggle of reporters. “I think I’m blessed that I’m getting all the attention.”

Then he added …

“I can always say ‘No.’ I just don’t mind doing it.”

Wiggins has already made official visits to each of the four schools on his list: UK, Florida State, Kansas and North Carolina.

He broke down those trips in the order in which he visited.

On Florida State: “It was a good visit. I liked it a lot. My parents liked it. All the players, all the fans at Florida State showed me a lot of love. … They had a halftime show with my parents and a tribute to them. That was nice.”

On Kentucky: “That was a good visit. It was crazy. The game I went to the fans were crazy. They’re always crazy. My parents liked it. I enjoyed seeing the players, the coaches — getting to know everybody and interacting with the players and coaches.”

On Kansas: “It wasn’t really different. It still felt like another visit to me. Again, I was interacting with the players. The fans are crazy — just like Kentucky — they have a crazy fan base. The coaches were good. My parents loved it, and I enjoyed my time there.”

On visiting UNC for the game against Duke: “It was a crazy experience. For some people a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see Duke and UNC go at it. That rivalry is crazy. I have a lot of family in North Carolina and my dad was born there. So it was good. My parents liked it. I got to hang out with the players, coaching staff and all that. It was good.”

Wiggins said the fact that his brother, Nick, plays for Wichita State doesn’t make nearby Kansas any more attractive in his recruitment. He added that he would “hopefully” get to go to the Final Four in Atlanta later this week to see his brother in action.

UK, UNC and Kansas all have representatives in this year’s McDonald’s All-American Game, but the Cats clearly have the largest presence with six players.

Wiggins acknowledged they’ve been on his case about committing to what is already being touted as possibly the best recruiting class of all time.

He’s sticking to his own schedule, but he likes the idea of playing with so many talented players in Lexington.

“It would be good,” he said. “They’ll all probably be superstars when they go to the next level. It’s always good to surround yourselves with guys who you know are going to make it too.”

And he doesn’t think chemistry would be a problem.

“They’re all unselfish,” he said. “They want to win.”

So, one more time, when can we expect that college decision?

“No clue,” Wiggins said.


  7 Responses to “Wiggins speaks: Top recruit talks finalists, attention”

  1. I think he just likes everyone asking. My bet is Big Blue. Every where else is just another school. At Kentucky he will be remembered forever. Banner or No Banner!

  2. I bet he comes to Kentucky!!!!! I believe they will go undefeated and hang banner #9

  3. I think AW is getting quite used to the limelight. If he wasn’t, would he keep lingering with his decision ?

  4. banner or no banner?..are you freaking kidding me??..i mean really?…good lord with wiggins at kentucky…wich, yes he will commit..’he”s not stupid by any means’..there is no way …absolutly no way we will get beat…we will be doing the beatings…go big blue nation

  5. Wiggins is having a hard time because of where his parents went and the thought of playing for the Big Blue. The thought of playing with so many 5-Star players and what they could do is beyond very tempting. A lot for a young man to think about.

  6. Wiggins is UK bound because he wants to be close to his highschool girlfriend and Huntington is only an hour and a half from Lexington.

  7. hmm…of the four visits, each had the word “crazy” involved except for the Florida State comments…which had the word “love”…hmm…over analytical? perhaps…but honoring his parents at half-time had to be a favorable mark for FSU..still….think he ends up a Cat…

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