Goodwin doesn’t make the cut in ESPN mock draft

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Apr 092013
UK freshman Archie Goodwin was not included in the first round of ESPN

UK freshman Archie Goodwin was not included in the first round of ESPN’s first mock draft, which was released Tuesday.
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ESPN analyst Chad Ford released his first NBA mock draft Tuesday, and it was a mixed bag for UK’s freshmen.

The good news: Ford projects Nerlens Noel — who has not yet officially declared — to be selected with the No. 1 overall pick by the Charlotte Bobcats. If that happens, it will give UK the No. 1 draft pick in three of the past four years.

The bad news: Archie Goodwin — who has officially declared — was not included in the first round.

Thirty players, no Goodwin.

Goodwin is ranked No. 22 in Ford’s most recent “Big Board” update, but the ESPN analyst said Tuesday that the ex-Cat’s overall prospect ranking doesn’t necessarily correlate to his draft position.

“The mock draft is about both fit and finding teams who like a particular player,” Ford told the Herald-Leader. “While I think GMs generally think that Goodwin has a chance, I couldn’t find a team in the 20s that had him prioritized over other players on the board. You noticed that both shooting and size become really big as we get further down in the draft.”

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Of the players Ford has slated in the last 10 spots of the first round, only three — Glen Rice Jr., Allen Crabbe and P.J. Hairston — are shorter than 6 feet 9. All three of those prospects are considered much better shooters than Goodwin, who was 26.6 percent from three-point range in his only season at Kentucky.

“His jump shot is the biggest concern,” Ford said. “Right after that, his lack of strength. Teams are worried he’s going to get pummeled going to the basket the same way he did at Kentucky.”

Ford released only his first round mock draft Tuesday. If he had gone a little deeper, he said he could envision Goodwin going to the Oklahoma City Thunder with the No. 31 pick or the Philadelphia 76ers at No. 36.

There’s no doubt Goodwin will be selected at some point during the June 27 draft. But he clearly has some work ahead of him to secure a guaranteed contract that comes with being a first-round selection.

“Most NBA scouts and GMs were surprised that he decided to go to the NBA,” Ford said. “Of the freshmen, they felt like he was the one who needed another year in college the most.”


  9 Responses to “Goodwin doesn’t make the cut in ESPN mock draft”

  1. Is it too late for Archie to come back to Kentucky?

  2. Yes, it is. He did a paid appearance last week. Even if he hadn’t, he’s all-in on going to the NBA this season.


  3. Best of luck to Archie Goodwin…Thanks Archie for representing the UK Wildcats….Show them at the next level…

  4. I wish the kid well but this is going to turn out to be major mistake. I understand some family considerations played a part in this and I hope he wasn’t forced into it by others.

    Unlike Liggens who at least could play defense very well Archie really shows nothing outstanding at this point in his development…which is why he needed to stay and work on things like free throw shooting, a mid range game and to come up with some other way to score outside of ‘put your head down, charge into the lane and hope you don’t get an offensive foul…’

    He made the choice, now he has to live with the decision. Unfortunately I think he’s going to become very familiar with either the D-League or Europe because I can’t see him getting into the NBA right now.

    Mark Liptak

  5. I think Archie’s running off because it is a weak draft class overall, and he was worried after his talk with Cal about the incoming class. How would he have fit in?

    Hard to say, especially if we get Wiggins. I hope this is a sign that we’ve got him, but at this point I’m not sure Cal even knows where Wiggins is going.

    Best of luck Archie, we’ll watch you develop in the pros!

  6. I think Archie had the idea of declaring no matter what even before he played his 1st game at UK. His family’s financial need may be a part of why he left but by no means was it the only reason. Cal tried to give him the hard truth that he needed to return for 1 more year to develop his game but he ignored the advice and declared anyway. I hope he doesnt regret his decision and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors but I do wish he had come back for another season.

  7. I wish him well but am glad he is gone. I understand that he worked hard and technically he was the highest scorer on the team but he did it in a selfish way that took other players out of the offense. Him leaving helps Polson and possibly Hood have scholarships and I feel like they deserve them more. Unfortunately for Goodwin he is going to learn very quickly that his goofy spin into the lane out of control moves won’t go anywhere at the higher level. They wouldn’t even work in UK practices next year. I really am not so sure coach tried to get him to stay. Whether we get Wiggins or not shouldn’t be any factor regarding Goodwin. The factor for Goodwin is that he would probably go from starting to being deep in the rotation.

  8. Mark Liptak, you are right about Liggens, but remember he entered the drant after his junior year. At the end of his freshman year, he would not have been a fitst round pick, he would not have been a second round pick, and he would not have been picked up as a free agent. At that time, he had a 3 point shot that wouldn’t fall, but that he continued to be in love with, and one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen from a Kentucky player. To his credit, he grew up in the next couple of yeats, and devdeloped into a player with abilities valuable to the NBA.

  9. AG also held a $15 a pop autograph signing session. He is officially a pro whether he wants it or not.

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