Wiggins watch: Weekend decision ‘highly unlikely’

 Posted by at 12:14 PM on April 9, 2013
Apr 092013
Andrew Wiggins participated in the McDonald's All-American Game last week and will play in the Jordan Brand Classic on Saturday. Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Andrew Wiggins participated in the McDonald’s All-American Game last week and will play in the Jordan Brand Classic on Saturday.
Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Andrew Wiggins probably won’t be making his announcement from this weekend’s Jordan Brand Classic, his coach said Tuesday.

Huntington Prep Coach Rob Fulford told the Herald-Leader that it is “highly unlikely” the country’s No. 1 prospect will announce his college decision at the Nike-sponsored event.

Fulford is the head coach of the East team, which will include Wiggins and UK commitments Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison. Future Wildcats James Young, Dakari Johnson and Marcus Lee will represent the West.

The Huntington Prep coach said Wiggins will announce his decision sometime before the conclusion of the regular signing period, which starts April 17 and runs through May 15.

Wiggins will choose between UK, Florida State, North Carolina and Kansas. The 6-foot-8 forward from Toronto has already made official visits to each of those schools.

The Jordan Brand Classic will be shown live on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. Saturday.


  7 Responses to “Wiggins watch: Weekend decision ‘highly unlikely’”

  1. Will be interesting to see the chemistry between Wiggins, Randle, and the twins. Having Fulford as the coach brings a different dynamic as well. Assuming all 4 start, Wiggins and Fulford will be able to get a good taste of what will follow next season.

  2. With Wiggins the east team along with Randle and the Harrison twins(if they all start) could really give Wiggins a look into the future if he chooses UK. In all probability the 4 of them would makeup 4/5 ths of the actual starting lineup in 2013-14 version of the UK Wildcats and that will be exciting to see.It has been stated that Calipari arranged for the 3 UK recruits to be on the east squad and although I dont if its true it could be a significant factor in Wiggins decision if he hasnt already made that decision of course.

  3. I am afraid that if he were coming to UK he would have already announced. He knows where he is going and just enjoys the attention. Remember almost the same stuff with Xaviar Henry a while back. Did not make much difference where he went. Well, whatever, wish him the best wherever he goes. I’ll take the ones we have plus the Kentucky kid who really wants to come.

  4. If he wants to be A Man among Men, he will come to UK. If he prefers to be The Man among Boys, he will choose FS. On The Man scale, UK is at the bottom, KS and NC in the middle, and FL St. is at the top. Once he decides if he want to be The Man or A Man or somewhere in between, the decision is easy except if he wants to be a tweener; choosing between KS and NC is difficult. His delay suggests that he is picking either KS or NC.

  5. If he want a Ring before he goes into the NBA he would go to Kentucky!!!!!!

  6. So losing in the first round of the NIT makes you “The Man”? That’s new.

  7. If we could just get Willie Cauley-Stein to go fill in as a center the starting lineup might be set.
    It should be a pretty smooth operation to watch.

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