Wiggins cancels visits with other three finalists

 Posted by at 10:21 AM on April 22, 2013
Apr 222013
Andrew Wiggins met with UK Coach John Calipari late last month in Huntington.  Photo courtesy of McDonald's

Andrew Wiggins met with UK Coach John Calipari late last month in Huntington.
Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Andrew Wiggins has canceled his in-person visits with the head coaches from North Carolina, Kansas and Florida State that were scheduled for this week.

Huntington Prep Coach Rob Fulford confirmed to the Herald-Leader that Wiggins would not meet with Roy Williams, Bill Self or Leonard Hamilton. Williams was scheduled to be in Huntington today, Self on Tuesday and Hamilton on Wednesday.

Instead, Wiggins will talk to all three coaches over the phone. Wednesday is the last day that coaches can meet with prospective recruits.

Fulford told the Herald-Leader that Wiggins was “drained” from his recent trip to the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Ore., which included two canceled flights on the way home. As of 10:15 a.m., Wiggins had not returned to Huntington due to the travel problems.

UK Coach John Calipari visited Wiggins in Huntington on March 28.

Fulford added that there is still “no timetable” for a college announcement from the No. 1-rated prospect in the class of 2013.


  7 Responses to “Wiggins cancels visits with other three finalists”

  1. Hello Coach Williams, this is Andrew. Sorry but you just aren’t as good for me as
    Kentucky. Again- sorry!! (one down – two to go)

    Hello Coach Self, this is Andrew. Sorry but you just aren’t as good as Kentucky(two down – one to go)

    Hello Coach Hamilton, No way are you for me. My parents maybe, but not me.(WHEW!! Glad that is over with)

    Now, where did I put Cals number?

  2. Sounds like another championship for the BIG BLUE and another 27 years before louisville goes back sorry cards you suck

  3. Please don’t disrespect this high school athlete as he takes time to make his decision.
    He said he hasn’t made up his mind. Trust him he hasn’t.
    He said he will announce when he is ready. Trust him he will.
    He will make the decision that he feels is best for himself, and until he does, please let him be a kid and go through this growing process. I was 18 once and so were 90% of the posters to forums (I’m guessing only 10% of basketball blog posters are under 18). How many of us in the same shoes would have done anything different if we were him?
    I am a lifelong UK fan and would love to see him be a Cat, but please don’t put words like “you aren’t as good as Kentucky’ in his mouth because he didn’t say that. Kentucky stands for itself when it comes to college basketball, if UK is where this player decides to go then it will be an incredible announcement. But it will be Andrew Wiggins announcement to make, not some blogger/poster/fan/knowitall, etc.

  4. He simply may know where he is going so there is no use to visit any more. Doesn’t mean anything as to which school he’s choosing. Anyway, he doesn’t have time to visit all three in person and will just talk to them by phone, so the story says. No news here so I refuse to jump to conclusions.

  5. Make history at UK Andrew! Just like King James, D-Wade and Bosh came together to win championships, so does the freshman class of 2014 at the Big Blue Nation. Live up to your potential and you could be the undisputed best team in college basketball history. They still talk about the Fab Five from the early 90’s and even the IU team in the 70’s gets mentioned. The UNLV squad has to be one of the most dominant and entertaining teams, but they are forever tarnished by their loss to Duke. The 96 and 2012 teams at UK have to be our most talented, along with 2011, 98, Unforgettables, Eddie Sutton’s team that should’ve included Mills, Manuel, Chapman…who was that other guy that ended up playing for the Supersonics for years? Plus the Fiddlin Five, Robey’s years, Goose Givens’ years, the year of the twin towers Sky Walker, Bowie, Turpin. Used to love Andre Riddick, but Anthony Davis was Riddick times a thousand. Always loved Pitino ball because we were never out of a game, remember @ LSU, and he seemed to always get players to play beyond their wildest dreams.
    Anyway…I got a little sidetracked thinking of the past teams. The point is that the Cats of 2014 has a very real opportunity to be the absolute best of all time. Exciting times in the Bluegrass. We will be the most hated team since the Laettner and Bobby Hurley years of Duke.

  6. Biting on the fact that maybe there something “more” to this than him just being tired…

    It appears that, in addition to Wiggins & family maybe genuinely not knowing, this could also potentially be a smoke screen itself. There’s no doubt that the basketball world will want to jump to conclusions after this. And of all the options at this point, it “appears” that UK is the choice. Maybe that’s the way he wants it. And maybe he keeps playing “games”…and right when everyone thinks he’s about to announce UK…he goes with one of the other 3.

    …or maybe he was legitimately tired. And he legitimately does not know.

  7. Andrew Wiggins will be the number one draft pick no matter where he plays college basketball. Why would he consider any school other than U.K.? His addition to U.K. will make this the # 1 recruiting class of all time. He gets to go against top notch talent each day in practice. He will be on the # 1 ranked team in the country, which will be the overwhelming favorite to win the title. He will get more publicity at U.K. than anywhere else. He will be playing for a coach who is the # 1 stepping stone to the NBA. And, most importantly, U.K. basketball is and always has been the # 1 program in the country. Welcome to the Big Blue Nation Mr. Wiggins.

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