Jun 152013
Myles Turner has been elevated to five-star status on Scout.com.

Myles Turner has been elevated to five-star status on Scout.com.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The new Scout.com player rankings for the class of 2014 won’t be released for another few days.

Scout national analyst Evan Daniels couldn’t wait to make one update.

One of UK’s newest targets — Texas center Myles Turner — was dominating the competition at the NBPA Top 100 camp Thursday, and Daniels saw no reason to hold out until next week to elevate him from three-star status.

“We need to go ahead and make that change now,” Daniels said of his thought process. “There’s no point in wasting time. That dude’s a five-star player, a potential top-10 recruit. He can play anywhere in the country. There’s not a school he can’t play at.”

Turner, a 7-footer, now has five stars in the Scout database. And he’ll have a lofty national ranking in no time.

He also has more schools calling him than he can count.

Turner tried to list them all Thursday night. He didn’t say anything about Duke, and someone asked about them. The Blue Devils were on list. No mention of U of L. The Cardinals have inquired too.

Others included Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Texas, UCLA, Baylor, UNLV and Miami. It’s probably safe to say if a school has a college basketball program, one of its coaches has asked about Turner.

John Calipari called Turner’s father last weekend, and he’s been trading text messages with the UK assistants.

“He’s the break-out guy this spring. He’s this year’s Anthony Davis, so to speak,” Daniels said. “Maybe not to that extent, but in the high school season he was fairly unknown and now he looks like a top-10 prospect.”

Turner was one of the best players in the building over the first two days of the NBPA camp. On Friday, he picked up where he left off the day before.

He was running the floor, stretching the defense with his shooting ability — he even made a three-pointer — and battling for loose balls.

And his offense isn’t his strong suit.

“Defensively, he can change a game with his ability to get to shots,” Daniels said. “And guys are scared of him. Guys are afraid to attack the basket when he’s in the game.”

The Cats already have Karl Towns — another 7-footer — in the fold for the class of 2014, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add Turner too.

“I think they complement each other pretty well,” Daniels said. “Karl stands out on the offensive end. … Right now, Turner’s strengths are on the defensive end. There couldn’t be a frontcourt better than that one.”


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  1. It would be definately scary for opponents to go near the basket if Turner and Towns were both there waiting for them. That would be two 7 footers in the frontcourt if it works out but with UKs other frontcourt interests it seems a little doubtful he would be made a priority recruit. But a defensive presence like Turner would provide it would be an enormous coup for Cal to get him.

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