National analyst talks about UK’s wide receivers

 Posted by at 12:20 PM on October 27, 2013
Oct 272013 national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell put UK’s recruiting efforts at the wide receiver position in perspective for a story in Sunday’s Herald-Leader.

Farrell called UK’s five receiver commitments for the Class of 2014 “an exceptional group,” and one that should help the Wildcats immediately.

He also provided extended analysis on each of the receivers committed to Kentucky.

Here’s what Farrell had to say …

DORIAN BAKER | 6-3, 205 pounds | No. 53 WR

Farrell on Baker: “He’s a big kid. Size is at a premium. But he’s not just big, as in tall. He’s a thick kid. So he’s a strong receiver. He’s a guy that can gain extra yardage after the catch, do some work over the middle. I think they see him as a guy that’s going to move the chains quite a bit for them. And, of course, be one of those red zone threats that might be able to outmuscle somebody. But he’s got speed too. He’s a long-striding guy. They like him because he’s got a good combination of size and speed, for sure.”

BLAKE BONE | 6-5, 185 pounds | No. 47 WR

Farrell on Bone: “I think he’s the one who’s probably most college-ready right now. And not from a technical standpoint. Just from the fact that 6-foot-5 guys — as (Texas A&M’s) Mike Evans and others are showing — are very, very difficult matchups for anybody. Safeties, corners, linebackers, you name it. And those are the guys that quarterbacks rely on when they’re in trouble. Just throw it up to the big guy, and that’s what he is. He doesn’t have the speed of these other guys. More of a possession guy, red-zone guy. He’s not going to run away from anybody and score any 80-yard touchdowns. But I think he’s the type of guy that could really be a dominant receiver down the road once he gets a little bit faster and starts to get comfortable at the college level. His ceiling is also extremely high.”

GARRETT JOHNSON | 5-9, 160 pounds | 3-star WR

Farrell on Johnson: “He’s got good hands — he’s a reliable receiver as a slot guy. They’re trying to make inroads in Florida, and he doesn’t have that typical Florida speed, but he’s got that Florida swagger. He feels that he can make a play at any time in any game, and I think he’s going to be a good complement to T.V. in the slot. … Garrett Johnson is one of those guys that can make big plays.”



THADDEUS SNODGRASS | 6-1, 184 pounds | No. 36 WR

Farrell on Snodgrass: “He’s the biggest-name guy. And I think he’s a guy who could play slot or outside. He runs very well. A pretty good route runner, but very explosive. He’s the type of guy that can probably still make a play that makes you stand up and say, ‘Where did that come from?’ Inconsistency is his big issue, but his ceiling is so high. … Thaddeus Snodgrass might not have even scratched the surface of how good he could be. I think they like him as an exciting playmaker.”

T.V. WILLIAMS | 5-8, 148 pounds | 3-star WR

Farrell on Williams: “He’s like a water bug. He is very, very quick — very sudden in his cuts. He’s so small that it’s hard to get any clean hit on him. And he’s just very difficult to cover. When you get that guy in space, it’s going to be difficult for anybody to check him. The big issue with him is, can he stand the punishment in the SEC if he does get hit? Because he’s about 150 pounds soaking wet. … He’s one of those guys that’s going to be a fan favorite for sure, because he’s just very exciting in the open field.”


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