Mar 032014

The latest “Hoop Thoughts” column from Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis offers several UK-related items, including a lead note on the court-storming/brawl fiasco involving former UK commitment K.C. Ross-Miller.

Davis also gives his take on UK’s disappointing season. He says the Cats were “never going to be as good as people said they’d be at the start of the season.” (He ranked them No. 2 behind Michigan State at the beginning of the season).

He also offers a bit of a warning: “Maybe in the future, this season’s disappointment will convince John Calipari to recruit some four-year ‘program guys’ to complement those talented one-and-doners. If he doesn’t, this will keep happening.”

Recruiting more long-term guys is something that’s been mentioned before, though Calipari was pretty clear Monday that he has no intention of changing his approach to recruiting. It’s also worth noting that current freshmen Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis are widely considered four-year players, and fellow freshman Marcus Lee might join them in that category. Sophomore Alex Poythress could very well be a four-year player too. And incoming recruits Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis certainly don’t fit the one-and-done mold. Many analysts expect Ulis to stick around all four years.

Anyway, Davis’ notes also include his thoughts on Mark Cuban’s one-and-done rant, several SEC items, and more on UK’s current status. (He dropped the Cats from 12th to unranked in his personal AP ballot this week). Well worth a read.


  2 Responses to “SI’s Seth Davis gives Cal a little advice on recruiting”

  1. Are the opinionators of Cal hitting at Tom Izzo. UK will be OK it just seems there is a lot of time spent on knocking Cal. Other coaches go through the valley of slides but they get up and they do well. Don’t condemn Cal for what rules exist. Stop the one and done by changing the rules. There are one and done players at other schools that will be deliberately held back by coaches for their own selfish ego. Cal’s record at UK speaks for itself. The fans are complaining about what they want. Coach Cal has a 700+ percentage record wins and losses. UK has lost 5 games at home in fives years, two final fours a sweet 16, an elite 8 a National title with his own recruits, and one winning season that because of injury ended up in the NIT with no desire to be there, loses In first round. This season has some close losses they have not gelled as a team on the floor and the effort is not a 40 minute effort. Cal has screamed at them and they still don’t cease the moment. Don’t put the Guilt trip on Cal You are not in the practice session and most are not seeing them in person, some don’t even follow them by watching every game on TV. Go ahead and run off a great coach get you another loser and keep up your complaining. The word is out and the coaches know that being a coach at UK may pay well but the aggravation is not worth leaving their job for. Izzo, Olson, Donavan and others who declined coming to UK. Some people fit in and Cal does. I don’t have any advice for Cal for he is a coach and I am a fan. If I could give coach Cal advice than I would have me a lucrative job somewhere coaching, because I would be smart.

  2. There is a reason Seth Davis is a sports writer and John Calipari is coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. It’s called basketball common sense.

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