Apr 162014
Photo: Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

ESPN analyst Chad Ford was chatting about the upcoming NBA Draft again Wednesday. Like always, questions about Kentucky’s underclassmen came up.

Of UK’s seven most likely draft picks, only the returning Willie Cauley-Stein has publicly announced his plans. Everyone expects Julius Randle to move on to the NBA this year — though he hasn’t declared for the draft yet.

Ford broke down the other five during Wednesday’s chat:

“Think James Young is very likely to leave for the draft. I think the two most likely to stay are Dakari Johnson and Alex Poythress though I wonder if Cauley-Stein’s decision to stay may push Johnson out. With Karl Towns coming in (and Towns may be the most talented of all of them) there could be playing time issues. As for the Harrison twins, they’ve wanted to go to the NBA all season. I know they’ve been talking to agents and trying to figure things out. The challenge for them is that the feedback from the NBA hasn’t been what they want to hear — even with their strong play in the tournament. If they want guarantees they are first round picks, not sure either will get it. So … it might push them to come back. I think they could really help their stock if they played one more year in Lexington.”

Underclassmen have until April 27 to enter their names in the draft. There is no specific timetable for any of those players to make their announcements.

Ford also touched on Randle, Nerlens Noel and Montrezl Harrell during other points in Wednesday’s chat. Check out the whole thing right here.


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