UK wide receivers coach talks about the 5 newcomers

 Posted by at 2:48 PM on April 17, 2014
Apr 172014
Tommy Mainord

Tommy Mainord

UK wide receivers coach Tommy Mainord talked to the Herald-Leader on national signing day about the five wide receivers who will join the Wildcats this season — regarded as the program’s best haul at the position in the modern recruiting era.

Mainord and offensive coordinator Neal Brown are excited about the five newcomers, and you can read more about how those players will fit in with UK’s returning receivers right here. Mainord also broke down each player in more detail. Here are his thoughts on the five freshmen:

On Dorian Baker: “Very explosive. Vince (Marrow) had gone and seen him in spring ball. I didn’t have a chance to see him until summer camp. I was really impressed with his ‘get-off’ — he was really quick off the ball and really surprised you when he took off. He came back this fall and he’s grown another inch. He’s going to be a big, physical kid for us that can run. So we’re really excited about him. I think he’s got a lot of upside, because he’s going to put on some good weight and because he has breakaway speed.

“He’s explosive and he can do some things with the ball. He’s one we’re excited about, no doubt.”

On Thaddeus Snodgrass: “When we were able to get him in camp, we were just so pleased — we were wide-eyed a little bit — at how smooth he is. He’s a really smooth player. Really good hands. Really soft hands and really explosive with the ball in his hands. I can’t wait to get my hands back on him and see how far we can take him this spring. Being here already, that’s going to be a big advantage that he has.”

On T.V. Williams: “You just have another guy who can go play in that slot position. He’s so fast and quick and elusive — he’s the kind of guy that you want to get the ball in space to. I think he’s got a lot of upside as well, because he’s never lifted quite like we’re about to lift him. He’s never eaten like we’re going feed him. So he’s going to get a lot stronger, a lot bigger, and he’s going to do that fast. How fast he does that will be crucial, because to survive in the SEC you’ve got to be a strong guy. He’s on pace for that. He understands where he needs to be. But his athletic ability — he’s quick as a cat. So we’re ready to get him on the field and see what he’s got this spring.”

On Garrett Johnson: “The great thing about him is he’s somewhere in between (size-wise), so he can play multiple positions. You can play him inside if you need to. You can play him outside if you need to. He’s an all-state guy down in Florida, and he can fly. He reminds me a lot of Jeff Badet a year ago. He’s probably a little stronger than Jeff was at that time. That kind of tells you what we’re going to get — a home-run guy that will remind you of Jeff when you see him. Very explosive.”

On Blake Bone: “He’s 6-5, he’s right at 200 pounds, and he’s really got a lot of room to grow. I’m interested to see how big he’s going to get before this is all over. 81-inch wingspan, we had him at. He attacks the ball high. He’s a guy we haven’t had — with length like that. Even when he’s covered, you can still throw the ball on top of him and have a chance to make something happen. We’re looking forward to him helping us in the red zone.”


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