Jun 122014
Trey Lyles

Trey Lyles

The father of UK basketball signee Trey Lyles told the Herald-Leader on Thursday that his son does not have meningitis and is instead being treated for extreme dehydration.

Tom Lyles said the reports earlier this week that Trey has meningitis were “ridiculous” and noted that his son has been traveling with the Indiana all-stars over the past few days and moved into his dorm room at UK on Tuesday.

“There’s no way in the world that — knowing what we know about meningitis — that we would allow that,” he said.

Trey Lyles told the Herald-Leader on Wednesday that he started feeling bad a couple of weeks ago and took a few days off from basketball-related activities. When he felt better, he returned to his normal schedule, but the symptoms returned. He then went to the doctor and has refrained from any physically strenuous activity since.

“From what the doctors have told us, it’s dehydration,” said Tom Lyles. “It’s common, but you just have to keep hydrating yourself and replacing all of the electrolytes you’re losing through sweat and all of your workouts and so on.”

The Indiana all-stars will play the Kentucky all-stars Friday night in Lexington and Saturday night in Indianapolis. Tom Lyles said his son has a doctor’s appointment Friday morning and will find out then whether or not he’ll be able to play in the Kentucky-Indiana showcase.

Lyles’ father noted that Trey “has not had a break” from basketball in the past few months. His high school season didn’t end until late March, and he left the next day for the McDonald’s All-American Game in Chicago. After that came the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Ore., and the Jordan Brand Classic in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Once the all-star circuit was finished, Lyles started working out in preparation for his freshman season at Kentucky.

“He’s been going every day since the turn of the year,” his father said.

All four of UK’s incoming freshmen moved to Lexington earlier this week, which means all of the team’s newcomers will be available to go through summer workouts. Those are scheduled to begin next week.

Kentucky is expected to play several exhibition games in the Bahamas in August, a trip that is still in the process of being finalized.

Trey Lyles told the Herald-Leader on Wednesday that he is not concerned about missing any of his upcoming workouts in Lexington as a result of his illness.

“I’m not worried about that at all,” he said.

Both father and son are obviously hoping that Trey will be able to play this weekend, but Tom Lyles says that’s not the family’s No. 1 priority at the moment.

“My main concern is that Trey is ready for this upcoming season at Kentucky,” he said. “That’s our focus, to make sure that he can go out and represent the Wildcats to the best of his ability. If he can play this weekend, great. If he can’t, that’s too bad. But I’m pretty sure that Kentucky fans would be more disappointed if he were to miss any of the season due to not following doctor’s orders.”


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  1. Get well Trey. #1 priority.

  2. YOU are #1 priority at this moment, Trey, so take good care of yourself. The BBN wants you well and happy and chomping at the bit to get started at UK. Take care and good luck. Can’t wait to see you in the blue and white. GO CATS!

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