UK target Lance Ware gets boost in new rankings

 Posted by at 11:45 AM on August 19, 2019
Aug 192019


The recent decisions by N’Faly Dante and Addison Patterson to commit to Oregon and reclassify from 2020 to 2019 led to a minor shakeup in the rankings for 2020 on Monday, when the website adjusted a few other players before its next major rankings update in September.

One of the players affected was New Jersey forward Lance Ware, who landed a UK scholarship offer last month and has emerged as possibly the most likely player to commit to the Wildcats next.

Ware moved from No. 52 to No. 34 in the rankings.

“He’s always been intriguing because of his quickness and his length and his overall athleticism, but at times he’s tended to kind of float out to the perimeter a little bit too much and play from the outside in,” national analyst Eric Bossi told the Herald-Leader recently.

“But, this spring and summer, he’s played more from the inside out, where he’s able to utilize his quickness and get a couple of easy buckets. Then he starts facing you up, and he can take other bigs off the dribble. And he’s a pretty reliable 12- to-15-foot jump shooter. You factor in once he starts getting college coaching and he’s got a college weight room and training program, and he’s one of those kids who checks the boxes of somebody you could see taking off in college.”

Bossi has logged a prediction for Ware in favor of Kentucky, which is also the leader on the 6-foot-9 prospect’s 247Sports Crystal Ball page.

Ware’s final five consists of Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State and Providence, and he’s expected to make a college decision this fall after taking his official visits.


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