Julius Mays



Status: UK transfer
Senior | G | 6-2 | 195
Last school: Wright State
Hometown: Marion, Ind.

What he brings: Three-point shooting. Ryan Harrow was a 22 percent shooter from behind the arc at N.C. State, and Archie Goodwin was inconsistent in high school. Mays shot 42.4 percent from three-point range at Wright State last season, and he made three or more threes in eight regular-season games. Though he’ll be coming off the bench, Mays is probably the top candidate to lead the Cats in three-pointers next season.

Question mark: Can he handle elite competition? He had a great game against Florida last November (21 points and three three-pointers), but Mays has yet to excel on a regular basis against the type of competition he’ll see on UK’s schedule. If he can keep up with guards from Duke, Notre Dame and Baylor early in the season, it will be a good sign that he can be counted on in Southeastern Conference play and beyond.

One-and-done? Mays is guaranteed to spend only one year at UK, but not in the way fans have become accustomed under Calipari. This will be Mays’ final year of athletic eligibility after one season at Wright State and two at N.C. State. He’ll be pursuing a master’s degree in Sports Leadership, but has left the door open for a pro career should the opportunity present itself.

“It’s not all about starting. Some of the best people in the world don’t start. … If you get your opportunity to perform, that’s all it’s about. At the end of the day, it’s about winning the game.”

– Julius Mays (to Cats Illustrated)

Tracking Mays

Date Opponent W/L Stats
Nov. 11 Ohio State L 4 pts, 0/3 threes
Nov. 13 Kenyon W 2 pts, 0/2 threes
Nov. 16 Jackson State W 2 pts, 0/1 threes
Nov. 21 Florida L 21 pts, 3/5 threes
Nov. 23 North Florida L 15 pts, 3/6 threes
Nov. 26 Charlotte L 25 pts, 5/9 threes
Dec. 1 Cleveland State L 0 pts, 0/1 threes
Dec. 3 Youngstown State W 19 pts, 0/1 threes
Dec. 7 Air Force L 6 pts, 0/2 threes
Dec. 10 Miami (Ohio) W 8 pts, 2/3 threes
Dec. 14 Cincinnati L 5 pts, 1/2 threes
Dec. 17 Ohio L DNP
Dec. 20 Idaho W 28 pts, 2/5 threes
Dec. 22 Central Michigan W 12 pts, 2/4 threes
Dec. 29 Loyola (Ill.) W 23 pts, 3/8 threes
Dec. 31 Illinois-Chicago W 21 pts, 3/6 threes
Jan. 6 Butler L 24 pts, 2/2 threes
Jan. 8 Valparaiso W 21 pts, 1/3 threes
Jan. 12 Milwaukee L 3 pts, 0/2 threes
Jan. 14 Green Bay L 15 pts, 2/3 threes
Jan. 21 Detroit L DNP
Jan. 25 Illinois-Chicago W 33 pts, 4/7 threes
Jan. 27 Loyola (Ill.) W 16 pts, 1/3 threes
Feb. 2 Butler L 8 pts, 0/3 threes
Feb. 4 Valparaiso L 20 pts, 2/7 threes
Feb. 10 Green Bay L 6 pts, 0/6 threes
Feb. 12 Milwaukee W 12 pts, 2/2 threes
Feb. 15 Detroit L 16 pts, 1/4 threes
Feb. 18 UMKC W 25 pts, 5/8 threes
Feb. 23 Youngstown State L 7 pts, 1/4 threes
Feb. 25 Cleveland State L 15 pts, 3/3 threes
Feb. 28 Butler W 11 pts, 2/3 threes

*-NCAA Tournament